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Reasons Why Your Content Won’t Rank Even If It’s Optimized

Why Your Content Won't Rank | How to rank keywords

There could be several reasons why your content didn’t show up well on the search engine. As an initial consideration, your content may have poor formatting, less searched keywords, wrong grammar, and its overall structure might be unattractive. But are these the only problems that is affecting your content raking or there are some other reasons to bother. Let’s find out!

How To Do Keyword Research for a Strong SEO Strategy

how to do keyword research

The marketing industry has undergone spontaneous metamorphosis over the years with keyword research taking the center stage in online marketing. Google, for instance, has been a very instrumental tool among other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo in the success of this marketing approach. Online marketers look forward to bettering their websites in terms of better ranking on the search engines. […]