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Why SEO is Important During Coronavirus Outbreak (Covid-19)

Covid-19, a global pandemic is taking a toll on the lives of humankind and the livelihood in most parts of the world has already taken a backseat. If the livelihood comes at a halt, then people will die of starvation other than getting affected by the deadly Covid-19. The disease has brought a major swift on all aspects of life and the business has been affected in some way or other.  Companies across the globe are trying their best to find a way to deal with such challenges and increasingly marketing (SEO) decisions have become more vital.

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In this time of utter crisis when businesses are looking for avenues for making profits and not sure where to invest for marketing, SEO, or search engine optimization offers an exceptional marketing channel.

Here are some of the advantages which SEO offers and influence the marketing decision of a company during the time of crisis. Let’s take a look at the following:

1. Offers Long-Term Profits

Money invested in SEO marketing today can radically impact the performance of a business in the future. The shelf life of traditional marketing channels is short but when you invest in SEO marketing, you will benefit from it for ages.

The pandemic Covid-19 forced a lot of people to stay in their homes and the internet is the primary medium through which people can easily interact with the rest of the world. It has been found in a survey that the internet traffic has raised by 50%.

Presently, e-commerce businesses are getting unparalleled results from SEO. Companies apart from the e-commerce sector are also making profits through investment in Search engine optimization. Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, many companies have shut down their operations. Technology is playing a key role here as the companies enjoy a dominant position in cyberspace and it helps them in generating income during this crisis period.

Both long-term and immediate benefits are offered to the businesses through SEO and those companies which have invested in SEO are immensely benefitted in today’s changing economic backdrop.

2. No Proper Timing Required

Many companies are keeping TV ad campaigns on hold as well as losing money on print campaigns that are planned for the spring season because of the fast-evolving economic scenario.

One primary tactical benefit of SEO is that you do not have to worry about the timing when the consumers will find your service or product if the online portal is rightly optimized. As SEO is an inbound marketing channel, it is easier for consumers to locate a company. Thus, long-term marketing investment that you make in SEO will make the website visible for meeting the market demand in the industry if there is a need. It lowers the risk of investment in SEO than those marketing channels which rely on timing.

Content marketing is another significant SEO effort that works continually in the background fetching much-required sales and leads for your company. common folks are curious about any topic when they look for a particular product or service like yours and begin their hunt on the search engine, your website will appear in the search results that will educate the consumers, persuade them and it will subsequently convert into sales.

Nevertheless, SEO requires maintenance and the ability to perform time and again at a competitive rate is a strategy that the companies count during the stern economic conditions.

3. Low-Cost Leads and Offers Scalability

It is well-known that SEO offers the highest ROI for businesses. This is indeed true during tough economic situations.

The exquisiteness of SEO is you can scale up visitors from search without paying a hefty amount to reach the consumers largely. SEO indeed helps a business to climb the stairs of success and being visible online is imperative for businesses and indeed vital during times of crisis.

Nearly 50% or more people look for new companies and products after doing a search and it is likely even higher in this period of global lockdown as people at home rely on the internet for shopping and researching. Search is the only way for your company to get explores and increase sales in this cut-throat competitive market.

If your website is not visible in the search result, it means you are not giving the business the resources for generating sales or leads. With SEO, your company will appear on top of the search result- an ultimate earning spot for website traffic, valuable leads, and sales for businesses. Hence, investing in SEO is indeed worth for expanding businesses in 2020 and ahead of.  


The global pandemic Covid-19 has brought several challenges with it for carrying out a business smoothly and it is especially when it is to market or promote a company.

SEO, when compared with other marketing options, offers more stability and security and is a great option for businesses that focus on long-term growth during times of crisis. 

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