Beginner Guide: How to Create SEO Friendly URL Structure

SEO URL structure

What is a URL?

A URL is an address of something or resource on the internet and it indicates the location and the protocol used to access the resource.

  • URL contains the following info
  • The protocol used to access the resource
  • Location of the server
  • Location of the resource in the directory
  • Fragment identifier

What is SEO?

SEO is a process that makes websites and web pages to be visible during web searching. This is not paid for and thus the name organic results. Obviously the more the website is appearing in the web results or earlier it will appear, the more visitors it will have. Then these visitors are then considered as potential customers by the owners of these sites.

In Simple Words

SEO is the marketing tactic  to make the website visible on search engine by implementing the ethical or legal activities under Google SEO algorithms. It is the process to rank the keywords on top results to drive the maximum website traffic and leads.

SEO targets different kinds of searching such as photos search, news search, video search or even academic search. SEO is very different from the local searching engine optimization in the sense that the Local SEO targets local products when one searches in it while the SEO targets international and national searches.

This being a means of marketing the SEO determines how the search engines operate through the algorithms that have been programmed to dictate the behavior of the searching engines. The main terms keyed in the search bar and the target audience preferred.

“It should be known that optimization starts from the content from creating, editing it, adding it, doing of HTML is also paramount and also the coding to increase its specificity removing any barriers that may hinder searching.” The SEO also has another tactic which it does by increasing the amount of backlink.

How to Create SEO Friendly Website URL or Structure?

Perfect optimized URLs are important for both SEO and to give the user a good user experience. The search engines factor many variables into making the URL.

URLs are used to describe the web page to the user and the search engine.

This is the best ways for creating SEO Friendly URL.

  • Describing your content
  • Including keywords in URLs
  • Use of hyphens to separate words
  • Use of lower case in the URL
  • Keeping URLs shorts
  • Use of static URL
  • Careful with sub-domains
  • Limit the folders

Describing Your Content

Users should be able to create accurate guesses about the content on the website by simply reading the URL and the URL should be accurate in the phrase. In this way search engine also know about the page is about on what topic.

Therefore always make the Url based on the content of the page.

Including Keywords in URLs

It is very important to put the keyword in the begging of the URL since search engines spiders do not give a significant word to the end of the URL. Well this is the key point. Use the core or primary keyword in the URL of the page. It will help that keyword boost in ranking. It help the user to easy understand the information of the page as well.

Let me explain it in detail. Suppose you have a page about SEO TRENDS in 2019. You are targeting the keyword “SEO trends in 2019”. Then use this keyword in the URL like this

Use Hyphens to Separate Words

Many people used UNDERSCORE (_) in as separation in the URL. ( But use of UNDERSCORE is not much friendly with search engine. Therefore always us HYPHENS in the URLS as a separators like this

This helps to make ease of readability and search engine optimization.

Use of Lower Case Letters

This is the small information but has weightage.  Use of capital letter can cause duplication of URLs and the loss of page rank. Therefore always use lowercase of letter in the URL rewriting just like this.

Keeping Short URLs Writing

Short URLs are easy and quick to read also fewer words increase the value of each word that is received. Keep it in between 50 to 60 letters.

Use of Static URLs

It is very good to use unchangeable URLs where it remains constant each page it load. Static URLs are easier to read for both users and search engines. Search engine always give preference to static Urls because they are neat and clean. Search engine crawl and index static urls very fast that will give the boost in indexing of the website pages.

Do not use dynamic URLs like this because Search Engine do not index these types of pages. This is because these type of urls are not user and SEO friendly. Therefore make Static urls for better indexing of the website.

Careful Subdomains

Search engines have the potential to treat subdomains as a separate entity. This affects search engine optimizations including link building and trust value. Therefore you need to be confident if you are planning to set up the subdomains.

Limit Folders in URL Structure

SEO friendly URLs should not contain unnecessary folders and characters by utilizing this way perfectly it helps you to rank your site higher in result searching. Therefore, Limit folder in the URL Structure.

Importance of SEO Friendly URL Structure

A proper URL structure assists SEO in every way. It does not only give a good navigation process but will also help you track analytics.

Here are some of the areas where a SEO friendly URL structure will be of assistance.

Accurate Data Tracking

  • The performance and efficiency of search funnels will help analyze analytics.
  • URL structure will help you will put one in a position to identify the web pages easily in the platforms of Google.
  • It gives you the opportunity to view what your users are doing on your website in case you have many contents on your page.
  • This will aid you to understand the content that your visitors loves and the ones they dislike so that you can improve.

Content Groups

  • Grouping of content allows you to enable one to understand the value that is mostly being recalled.
  • Grouping also aids in identifying how visitors associate with the content.
  • This can also be applied by similar products offered or similar services for specificity.

Analyzing the Searching Site

  • Aids you track the activities of the visitors by the terms which they search when looking for the products of their liking.
  • You are also allowed to give the criteria in which you want the search terms to be picked.
  • With a good URL structure, good information about the terms searched by your visitors and can also enable you to choose keywords of your liking.

Improved User Experience

A well-crafted URL provides both humans and search engines an easy-to-understand indication of what the destination page will be about.


While they do give weight to the authority of the overall domain itself, keyword use in a URL can also act as a ranking factor URLs are a minor ranking factor search engines use when determining a particular page.


Making the best use of URL structure enables your website to be ranked higher and attract more visitors to your site.The main component in the URL and all the features of SEO is the usability, the user is the first priority. You should also be aware that Google will keep changing rules from time to time so be on the lookout for any change.

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