Schema Markup, Types & Why is It Important for SEO?

schema Markup Types and SEO Importance

Heard the words and terms Schema Markup or casually being used in conversation, but have no idea what exactly they mean? If so, this article will help you understand what it is and what the importance of schema markup for SEO is.

What is Schema Markup?

Schema markup is a semantic vocabulary of tags or microdata or code you can use to enhance your descriptions and improve the representation of your page by adding it to your HTML. These pre-defined tags help search engines better read and understand your website’s content better and represent your page in the search engine result pages (SERPs). This microdata clears up and explains the context of a page to bots, so later, when a query is searched, they can easily find the most relevant results among thousands of websites and links.

Different Types of Schema Markup

You can create and implement a schema markup based on the type of your page and content, including business, articles, events, videos, etc. There are hundreds of different schema types that you can embed in your HTML and boost your rankings in SERPs. Some of these are:

1. Organization Schema

2. Video Schema

3. Review or Rating Schema

4. Article Schema

5. Local Business Schema

6. Person Schema

7. Product Schema

8. Services Schema

9. Breadcrumbs Schema

10. Recipe Schema

11. Site Navigation Schema

Importance of Schema Markup for SEO

Nowadays, this term has been getting all the hype and highlighting as one of the most beneficial, latest evolutions in the digital marketing and SEO industry. Many statements have been published on Schema Markup, with one specifically stated that it is the future of the on-page SEO as it intends to bring several SEO benefits in terms of traffic, rankings, and CTR. One purpose of a schema is to simplify and facilitate your SEO efforts by making it easier for search bots to grasp what your site, as well as page, is all about.

You can check for Schema or Structured Data online here

Schema Markup or Structured data check online

How Search Engine Show the Schema Markup

Here are some SEO benefits of creating and implementing schema markup in your site:

1. Crawl and Index Your Content Better & Faster

Schema markup helps Google, Firefox, Bing, and other search engines to crawl and index the content of your website or webpage faster. During the indexing process, crawlers find all the necessary information, such as date published and content, about the website from schema attributes and elements. Embedding a schema markup like video schema helps your content get easily indexed and crawled on Google and other search engines, improving your click-through-rate (CTR), search engine rankings, and conversion rate. When searching for ‘training sneakers’ search engines give priority to results that may include rating, votes, price, product image, and/or other information, indexing and showing them higher in the rankings with snippets.

2. Improve Your Online Brand Presence

This structured microdata helps crawlers identify and interpret your content more efficiently, which helps in increasing your online presence. It technically can be seen as a direct way to tell web search engine crawlers about you, your business, and your products or services. The better crawlers can figure out who you are and what your business and content is all about, the more relevant traffic they can drive to your website. That leads to increased organic traffic, brand value, and CTR.

3. Improve Communication with Search Engines

Structuring your data and adding the code to your HTML or XML-based documents streamline the communication between your site content and search engines like Firefox and Google. If the markup is added, the search engine finds and displays a detailed description which may include an image, video, prices, or other information that the owner wants to be shown. In this, the search engine gathers all the necessary information from the structured data or markup and shows it in results in the form of rich snippets or rich cards. Doing so not only optimizes your content and structural design but also surfaces your page in higher rankings, thereby highlighting your business to the relevant searchers and increasing online presence.

4. Add Extra Detail and Improve the Description

Let’s say the user needs to buy a cake online, and thus, searches for the same. The searcher stumbles on several results on account of the query performed. Many results come up that provide general information with an average description whereas one business exceptionally stands out with an attention-grabbing image of deliciously-looking cake along with price, votes, and discount.

Guide – How To Implement Schema Markup with Code

Ending Note

What you think the user’s first choice and preference is going to be? Without a shred of doubt, the searcher will click on the link that includes an image and price. A schema markup adds that extra layer of information that provides all the actionable information needed to encourage the user to click on your website and keeping their attention focused on you entirely. Beyond the fact that schema markup is an effective way to improve your rankings and Click-Through-Rate (CTR), it also helps to create an aesthetically appealing view for the user, which increases the chance to convert.

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