Top 20 SEO Blogs For Learning Search Engine Optimization

Top 20 SEO blogs to learn SEO

Reading is what you need to do if you need to learn anything about Search engine optimization (SEO). The only way to learn about it is to read a lot, research a lot. The most successful SEO professionals in fact are the ones who keep themselves constantly updated and up to speed with the latest developments. In the ever-changing world of SEO, change is the only constant. While you can find all you need to know about learning SEO, some top 20 SEO blogs and posts are more trustworthy. Therefore, while reading about SEO tips and advice online, you need to remember not to trust everything you read.

You may get some bad advice and it might affect your SEO efforts, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the best blogs for learning about Search engine optimization for you to go through. This Top 20 SEO blogs list has all the big names that will make you a SEO expert too!

1. HubSpot, Domain Authority -91

HubSpot believes that proper design and useful features will result in a better user experience, which boosts search engine optimization. HubSpot makes sure to create engaging, easily navigable content. Hubspot also offer free certification in Inbound, Content, Email marketing and Designing.

Learn SEO tips and get certified in various online marketing programs from HubSpot.

2. Search Engine Land (SEL), Domain Authority – 90

Search Engine Land SEO Blog

Search Engine Land is one of the most popular daily publications and is known for covering all aspects of the SEO industry. In addition to the editorial news staff coverage, Search Engine Land also features contributed articles by subject matter experts across all digital marketing disciplines, filled with advice practical tips, tactics, and strategies for running successful marketing programs online.

Do not ignore Search Engine Land if you are a beginners in SEO. Learn SEO from here free.

3. Moz, Domain Authority – 90

Moz SEO Tools

Moz believes in a more valuable, less invasive way of marketing in which customers are earned rather than bought. Moz believes that SEO is one of the least understood and least transparent aspects of great marketing, and see that as an opportunity.

Moz hopes to simplify SEO for everyone through their software, education, and community. It also provide the website SEO Audit tool which is premium.

4. Google Webmaster Central Blog, Domain Authority – 93

It is the official source of news and announcements. Google products webmasters use to help with search may be posted about in the blog. It may be a change to the way some of the tools work, or perhaps a rectification of some data in Google search realm or Analytics.

Use Google Webmaster Central blog and get latest updated in SEO industry.

5. Neil Patel, Domain Authority – 87

Neil Patel Blog to learn SEO

Neil Patel is one of the world’s leading online marketers and is ranked as #1 on Google for his excellent skills in online marketing. He has worked several big names like Google, Airbnb, Ebay, Facebook etc. He claims to have mastered the driving more qualified traffic to virtually any business online.

Hence, You can Learn SEO from his SEO tutorials and videos.

6. SEMrush, Domain Authority – 79

SEMrush believes in one mission of making online competition fair with equal opportunities for everyone. SEMrush has grown into the world’s leading competitive research service for online marketing after 11 years in the field. SEMrush is always open to new ideas, suggestions, and experimentation and does their best to participate in as many international events and conferences as possible.

Therefore, SEMrush will groom your SEO skills and increase your SEO expertise.

7. WordPress Yoast, Domain Authority – 78

Use WordPress Yoast to Learn SEO

Yoast believes in Open Source and wants to save SEO for everyone. It wants to give everyone the opportunity to rank in the search engines. They want to use their SEO plug-in, blog posts, and online courses to enable both large companies as well as small websites to attract the traffic they desire.

8. Content Marketing Institute (CMI), Domain Authority – 77

Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute is one of the leading global content marketing education and training organization. They teach enterprise brands on how to attract and retain customers. Their methods include compelling, multichannel storytelling. CMI’s Content Marketing World event, the largest content marketing-focused event and is held every fall in Cleveland, Ohio, and CMI’s ContentTECH Summit event is held every spring in San Diego, California.

Want to learn about the Content Marketing, Do not forget to use this online platform.

9. Quicksprout, Domain Authority -70

Quick Sprout, originally started in early 2008 by Neil Patel, one of the world’s leading online marketer. Quick Sprout over the years has built into one of the top sites for online marketing. Quick Sprout has now expanded well beyond just digital marketing, and is operated by a small group of online entrepreneurs, led by Lars Lofgren.

Want to know everything about SEO, Must use Quicksprout.

10. Searchmetrics, Domain Authority – 66

Searchmetrics SEO Blog

Searchmetrics is one of the leading global enterprise platforms for search experience optimization. Searchmetrics combines SEO, content, social media, PR and analysis to create the foundation for developing and executing an organic search strategy.

Grow your SEO knowledge base with Searchmetrics and enhance your Digital Marketing skills.

11. Backlinko, Domain Authority – 63

Backlinko SEO training  and learn SEO

Backlinko is run by Brian Dean and he claims that it is the place for next-level SEO training and link building strategies. Backlinko has done business with big names like Apple, Disney, and Amazon etc and is recognized by big names like Forbes, the Huffington post and

Get Exclusive SEO Tips to Learn career making SEO.

12. BruceClay, Domain Authority – 58

Top 20 SEO Blogs - Bruce Clay run by president and founder Bruce Clay is one of the most trusted sources for how-to information in this new field of search engine optimization. It is leading search marketing company providing SEO services and consulting, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising management, content development, and social media marketing services.

Join Bruce Clay Blog if you want to Learn SEO and seeking your career in Digital Marketing.

13. Hobo SEO, Domain Authority – 53

Hobo SEO Blog

Hobo SEO is a blog run by a single author, Shaun Anderson. It is not one of the most popular blogs but has some great advice, tips and tricks for SEO. He’s been into online marketing for almost 20 years now.

Learn SEO with HOBO online. They have in-depth information on Search enigne optimisation tactics.

14. Local SEO Guide, Domain Authority – 51

Local SEO Guide has one of the most decent search engine optimiziation ranking systems. They believe in simplifying the SEO system. Brand names like, Yext, Autonation and FanDango have hired their SEO services.

Learn Local Search Engine Optimization with Localseoguide and improve your skills for how to optimize your websites for local locations.

15. SEOpressor, Domain Authority – 50

SEOPressor is one of the most popular on-page optimization premium WordPress plugin. It helps you in getting higher ranks on SERP. It has been used by thousands of bloggers and marketers and is currently powering more than 128,000 sites.

Use SEOpressor to get latest insights on SEO which help you a lot to know about search engine optimization skills.

16. The Hoth.Com, Domain Authority – 49

The Hoth in Top 20 SEO blogs

The Hoth has streamlined production system which helps them serve and help over 200,000 online businesses. The Hoth has been in the SEO game for 11 years, and has managed to make it on the Inc. 5000 list 3 years in a row, and land many awards. It is one of the best learning platform in top 20 SEO blogs list.

Learn everything you need to know about Search Engine Optimization with Thehoth Blog.

17. Digital Vidya, Domain Authority – 49

 leading professional training company

One of Asia’s leading professional training company, Digital Vidya focuses on imparting new-age skills to individuals & organizations. Digital Vidya is the official training partner of Google & Microsoft India and has partnerships with Global Social Media giants such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

With Digital Vidya, You willget to understand what to learn digital marketing & how it will help you.

18., Domain Authority – 28

Backlinks SEo training

The Backlinks Blog provides the readers some game-changing tips and great advice on link-building strategies, while keeping a strong focus on content marketing optimization and link-building for specific niches. They believe that link building is the most important part of increasing website traffic and improving your search engine rankings.

Learn about High Quality Link Building SEO strategies from Backlink blog.

19. SEO Hacker School, Domain Authority – 13

teaching SEO by using videos

SEO Hacker helps in teaching SEO by using videos, powerpoints and community forums. It is maintained and run by Sean Si, an active blogger on the SEO Hacker website, a public speaker and a SEO expert.

Learn SEO through SEO Hacker School training courses.

20. LearnImTactics, Domain Authority – 12

Lear SEO tips and tactics - Top 20 SEO blogs

The last one is in the Top 20 SEO blogs isLearnimtactics. It is an online platform that endeavors to provide learners with significant search engine optimization(SEO) guides and tips that will ensure aspiring business individuals pursue their success goals effectively. 

Learn SEO Online Free with Learnimtactics Platform.

There’s many more of the awesome SEO Blogs that we wanted to add to the list but as it’s already time consuming to stay up-to-date with top 20 SEO blogs we have listed as best picks for 2020. So to stay up-to-date with all this info you can have to stay connected with their posts by subscribing to their RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook, Newsletters and whatever social channels they are active on.

Reading and learning is the key to learning SEO and as SEO is a fast paced occupation it is well worth staying informed.

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