How Google Search Console Helps to Diagnose HTML Improvements?

Google Search Console

Those of you who are familiar with the acronym SEO better known as Search Engine Optimization would be familiar with the phrase Google Webmaster Tools AKA Google Search Console. This tool is very essential for so many people who use the internet to generate revenue. Web designers, webmasters, business owners and SEO’s are all avid users of this tool. This article is will provide important information on the Google Webmaster tool. Read on to find out more.

What is Google Webmaster or Search Console?

Google Search Console or Google Webmaster is actually the same thing. In 2015, Google changed the name of this tool from Webmaster to Search Console. This is because of the dynamic nature of this tool and the many different web professionals who use it. It is simply a free tool provided by Google. It provides lots of information about a website as well as visitors to the site. For instance it lets you know the number of visitors, whether they are using a mobile devices or desktop and the popularity of web pages. It also identifies website errors and repairs the site.

Google Search Console is a free tool who provides the compulsory information about website performance such as SEARCH APPEARANCE, HTML IMPROVEMENT, GOOGLE INDEX and CRAWL. Based on this information you can improve your website performance and make it more user as well as search engine friendly after fixing the above issues.

As you can see this tool is extremely valuable when it comes to dealing with a website. There is no wonder why SEOs cannot do without it.

What is Importance of the Google Search Console in SEO?

Many people may have heard of this term before but are not quite sure what SEO is. The term stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is really how the appearance of a web page or website shows in a search engine such as Google or Bing. The Google Search Console is a wonderful SEO tool. There are a number of reasons for this. It is great for for SEO campaigns. When using this tool it helps to increase visibility. In addition, it is great for the planning of general strategy. There are four main section of this tool that great for SEO. These are:

  • Search Appearance
  • Search traffic
  • Google Index
  • Crawl

Search Appearance

search trafficThis area is one of the initial main areas of Google Search Console. Search Appearance is critical for webmasters and other web professionals. It gives information on the website’s setup and the way it will appear after a search by someone browsing the net. This section provides information on the HTML improvements, rich cards and the accelerated mobile pages structure. Every single area found in this section is very critical for monthly tracking. The HTML improvements sections gives information that is vital for website optimization. It gives vital data showing for example when content is unable to be indexed.

Search Traffic

After the search appearance there is the “Search Traffic” section. This area focuses on the keywords that are linked to your site. It contains sub-sections such as the international targeting metrics, internal as well as external sources, and the mobile connectivity of the website along with manual actions. Every single area present in the Search Traffic section is essential. Using the Search Analytics tab you will be able to view the keywords that your site registers for. This tab can be broken down into subsections.

search appreance

Google Index

This is the third section of Google Search Console. It is called “Google Index”. This section helps you to see any obstructed resources on your site. It also let user view the number of pages included in Google’s index. Through the use of the index status tab webmasters can analyse and see if all the pages are being properly indexed.

Google index webmastertool
The blocked resources tab indicates whether particular pages are being prevented access from Googlebot. The remove URLs allows you to temporarily remove URLs from Google index. Great for quickly removing a page but you must remember to update your site so that the change will be permanent.


The final main section as it relates to Google Search Console is Crawl. This area gives information dealing with website broken pages or files. It also provides URL parameter information and crawl statistics gained from Googlebot. The very important crawl errors tab shows broken URLs whether from external or internal sources.

crawl errorsWhere to Check HTML Improvement in Google Search Console?

As stated the perfect section for information related to HTML improvements in your Google Search Console is Search Appearance. The Page presents shows any potential problems Google came across when crawling or indexing the site. It is wise to regularly check this report so that you can see any changes that may potentially heighten your rankings. Any issues that are present here will not stop the website from being properly indexed or even crawled. Monitoring them can help to send traffic to the site and improve a user’s experience.

html improvement shown by Google webmaster

Main Issues Comes Under in HTML improvement

The HTML improvement page found in the Search Appearance section may include data that refers to issues related to the following:

1. Title problems
2. Non-indexable content
3. Meta description problems

These are the 3 most common errors that show in this section and they are very easy to repair.

How To Improve these Errors?

A title problems error simply shows any potential problem with the title tag found on the pages. This may include missing as well as, duplicated page titles.

Meta description problems indicate some type of problem with the meta descriptions which are the set of text that appear below your website name and URL in Google search results. The Non-indexable content issue refers to the fact that Google is unable to understand the content.

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How To Solve These Issues?

-Meta description problems

In order to resolve a Meta description problem you simply need to enter the Google Webmaster Tool then click on HTML improvements found in Appearance. A list of the errors will be present. You must then click on the Meta Description error. After this you will see all the pages with the particular error. You have the choice of either deleting or changing the Meta description on one of the pages. Create new and unique Meta description for the pages which need optimization.

-Title problems

There are five key parts of a title problem that all relate to the tag. The tag is your content’s headline. These issues are the title may be missing tags, tags can be long, and there may be duplicate tags, too short tags or Non-informative title tags. The most common error is the duplicate tags. There are several reasons for each error. However the main reason for a duplicate error is a change. This change would have happened after the article is published or if the same article has two different URL addresses.

To fix problems here you simply have to open your HTML improvement report then click on the error. A duplicate tag error means you must delete a URL. For any other error you need to identify the page then alter the length of title. This will be indicated by the HTML improvement error tool.

Non Indexing problems

This problem refers to the fact that Google is unable to comprehend content. Non indexing issues refer to pages which restricts from indexing from Meta robots. We use robots TXT file and Meta robots for no indexing for particular page.  Some time people restricted the purposeful pages from robots which causes the decrease the website traffic and also affect the keywords ranking.


Google Search Console provides extremely valuable awareness about the performance of your website. It allows you to pick up and solve crawl errors and it allows you to know if your site has been punished by Google. It allows you to know Google’s perception of the website.

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