How 301 Redirection Save your Website from Traffic and Keywords Ranking Loss?


Well, Every web developer and SEO person know about 301 redirection. But I am sure they do not know how 301 redirection lifts the websites from traffic loss and improve keywords ranking.  So I am trying to cover the entire important thing in 301 SEO redirection.


-301 introduction
-Why Set Up a 301 Redirect?
-Difference between Permanent HTML Redirects and other Redirects?
-301 Redirect Mistakes to Avoid

What is 301 Redirection?

A 301 redirect is a permanent redirection from one URL to another. 301 redirects send site visitors and search engines to a different URL than the one they originally typed into their browser or selected from a search engine results page.

Where 301 Redirect Help Your Website

A 301 redirection is key to maintaining

1. Website’s domain authority

2. Search Engine Ranking

3. To recover the Traffic Loss

How Set Up 301 Redirection?

When we need to use the 301 permanent redirection. When we have many 404 pages, broken images, https and www issues, At that time we can implement a 301 redirection. But the question is How to set up 301 redirection. Have a look at the examples 301 implementations on 404 pages:

1. 301 implementations on 404 pages:

Let’s say you have 404 or broken page. But that page has very useful information the readers.  We shall lose the traffic from that page if that will be 404. So we can use 301 on 404 pages and redirection that page to the new page having relevant information.

Now by using the HTAACESS file, We will use the below code

Syntax: Redirect 301 /old-page/

Redirect 301 /11-killer-tips-dominate-local-rankings-2019/

2. Redirect to www using htaccess redirect

RewriteEngine on

rewritecond %{http_host} ^ [nc]

rewriterule ^(.*)$$1 [r=301,nc]

3. Redirect Old domain to New domain using htaccess redirect

RewriteEngine on

RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L]

By using the above code you can implement the following permanent redirects.

Why Set Up a 301 Redirect?

The most important thing is Why we need to set up the 301 redirects? So there are the biggest reasons

1. To associate common web conventions (http://, www., etc.) with one URL to maximize domain authority

2. To rebrand or rename a website with a different URL

3. To direct traffic to a website from other URLs owned by the same agency or company

What’s the Difference Between Permanent HTML Redirects and 302 Temporary Redirects?

As per the technical expert, 301 permanent redirect is better than other temporary redirects such as 302 This is because of 301 transfers the inbound links from the redirected domain to the new one. It helps the website maintain its search rankings and prevent any dip or loss in search traffic.

But there are a few situations where we prefer 302 temporary redirects over 301 permanent redirects. Those situations are like when website content needs to be moved temporarily,  when a site is undergoing maintenance and visitors need to be directed to a different domain to consume their content.

Mistakes that We Need to Avoid When Implementing 301 Redirects

After understanding the above process, I hope you know the importance of 301 redirects.  But 301 will have an adverse impact your site’s SEO if It implements in the wrong way.

1. Don’t move to a new domain without first setting up a 301 redirect

When you made a final decision that the current domain has not potential to attract the users and you want to use the new domain. At that time YOU NEED TO USE THE 301 REDIRECT FIRST. This is because you will be lost the all inbound links, traffic from the old domain without 301 redirects. That will be a bad impact on RANKING OF THE WEBSITE without 301 redirects.

Therefore, be sure to set up the 301 redirects before migrating your website content so your site doesn’t lose traffic in the process.

2.  Set up redirects to older internal links on your website

We will create bad user experience if we do not set up the redirects older internal links on your website. Therefore It is very important to use the 301 redirects on the older internal links and 404 links. This step will protect from direct traffic loss.

3. Set up a 301 redirect between the http:// and http://www versions of your domains

The search engine will consider the two different websites if we have domains with http:// and http://www versions. Due to this, there would be duplicate content issues.  So to avoid these mistakes we need to use 301 permanent redirects on http:// and to land the page on http://www versions.

4. Set up a 301 permanent redirect instead of a 302 temporary redirect in Almost All Cases

This would not be the wise decision if we use 302 temporary redirects when we are going to update or repair your website. Always use 301 redirects over 302 to maintain the inbound links your search rankings while making changes to your domain.

So This is all about 301 redirection. Use the above strategy to save your website from traffic and keyword ranking loss.  Build domain authority by using 301 redirects wherever your website needs.



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