14 Growth Hacking Free SEO Tools

Free SEO Tools

Search engine optimization needs to be an ongoing effort to perk up your website’s organic search ranking and look for new avenues in order to create content that expand your reach in the most meaningful ways. Must you be amazed at the thought of Free traffic? Who doesn’t wish for that? Everybody does!

There are a lot many people who talk about SEO like it is its one own thing, silted from their digital marketing plan. We often listen to new clients looking forward to improving their SEO when moving sites or starting some new site altogether. However, the problem is if you are starting to talk about SEO at such points, just now, you have waited too long for that. And if you are not monitoring your website continuously, you are sure to make mistake or you may also let opportunities fall through the cracks.

That’s the reason we have combined a list of Free SEO tools and have also organized them into the various use cases. Rather than new tools, paid or free, coming out every year, we take out some time in order to know about a new tool and refuse the support in order to promote the newest.

So, here is the quick table content that can help you hop to the variety of free SEO tools.

1. Keyword Planner

Keywords Planner

Keyword Planner is the best alternative to Google keyword planner and many other keyword research tools.  A free version of this SEO tool gets up to 750+ long tail keyword suggestions for every search term. Different from many other tools, the keyword planner tool is very much reliable as it is in action for 99.99% times.  Therefore Keyword Planner is the best tool for keyword research.  Read here how to do keyword research.

2. Niel Patel SEO Analyzer Tool

Check Your Website’s SEO Free Analysis Tool

This is one of the reputed SEO tools helping people in finding out the perfect heal for higher Google ranking. The tool works well for the users who wish to get more users to their site. The tool analyzes different aspects of SEO like content marketing, SEO analysis, competitive intelligence, and marketing checklist. For all the key aspects, a user gets properly analyzed report which clearly reveals the results and suggestions for the steps to be taken for better output.

3. Keywords Nowwhere

This is a free SEO tool that helps in making the process of finding exact keywords easier. When you use this extension, there won’t be any need to switch between the Google keyword planner and keyword tool. When you use this tool, all the tools taking so much of your time and efforts will be gone. Where Google Keyword Planner display ranges for the search volumes rather than the exact value, Keywords Nowwhere get you the same data for an unlimited number of keywords by using bulk upload keywords tool. You can simply search the data from the largest known database of keywords.

4. Google Mobile Friendly 

Mobile Friendly Test – Google Search Console

As the name signifies, this free SEO tool is mobile friendly test tool. With this, a user can easily check how a visitor can use your page on a mobile device. All that you need to do is enter the page URL to check how your page scores. This SEO tool is a rapid and very easy way to check out if a page on your website is mobile friendly or not, which is one of the core areas in usage inclining more towards mobile than desktop.

5. Google Search Console

Performance_ Google Search Console

This is the next free SEO tool which is making it easier for the users out there. This exclusive SEO tools assists in measuring the site traffic and performance, fix issues and make your website stand out in Google Search results. With this tool, a user gets ultimate support for the website, for example: if anything doesn’t work well with your site, one can get quick help using the top issues list, testing tools, and support documentation. The tool works really well in improving your performance in Google Search which includes getting your content on Google, optimizing your content with search analytics, get alerted on issues and fix your site, understanding the way Google search see your pages, get your content on Google and more.

6. Google Analytics

Google Analytics tool free

If you need to know your customers deeper, there is nothing better than Google Analytics. This SEO tool offers you the free tools that you may need to analyze the data for your business in a single place. A user has got a lot to do with this tool like getting insights that only Google can offer, build a complete picture, make your data work for you and connect your insights to results. This amazing tool has so far helped its users in getting the highest revenues with exact details of the website.

7. Disavow Tool

Search Console - Disavow tool

The Disavow SEO tool permit its publishers to tell Google that they do not seek any particular links from external sites to be taken as a part of the Google’s system of counting down links to rank the websites. There are some sites that wish to do this solely because they have published links, violation of the Google’s policies and may also have to experience the penalty if the links get removed anyway. Other sites may wish to remove links gathered from being a part in bad link networks or for some other reasons

8. XML-sitemap

XML Sitemaps Generator

When it comes down to enhancing your rankings, an XML sitemap can be one of the really good partners. This is a protocol that helps Google and many other search engines understand the web structure while crawling it. This tool is really beneficial when you wish to keep a check on all the pages of your website without missing on any. This tool lists all the URLs from your site and includes pages that may not be easy to spot by search engines. Additionally, this gives engines page priority, temporal information and more.

9. GTmatrix

GTmetrix Website Speed and Performance Optimization

GTmatrix tool works when it comes to getting more insight into the inner workings of your website. A user can easily monitor the pages, test it from multiple regions, set the monitored alerts, develop the toolkit, analyze with mobile and get into the video captures as well. This tool gives you a complete picture of how your site loads and also let you check where the bottlenecks are. It includes different analysis options, page load details, page speed, Yslow scores and recommendations, waterfall, video, and the report history.

10. Small SEO Tool

The tools assist in different SEO activities which make the website look appealing and more result oriented. This tool encompasses a wide range of SEO tools like images editing tools, text content tools, backlink tools, keyword tools, website tracking tools, website management tools and proxy tools, domain tools, password management tools, Meta tags tool, online PDF tools, etc.

11. Free Backlink Checker SEO Tool

Monitorbacklinks tool gets you the top backlinks of a domain. These are the tools sorted by strength. A user can check backlinks for any domain while using this free SEO tool.

12. Hootsuite SEO Tool

Social Media Marketing Management Dashboard Hootsuite

Search engine optimization is nowadays the most misunderstood marketing practices. Social media is of course not the first thing that strikes when we talk about SEO tools, however, Hootsuite can help SEO rankings of your website while monitoring the social media conversions. This tool helps you track your social media conversations which links you directly with the consumer know their feedback, and thus improve your product or the service.

13. Buffer Social Media

Pricing Buffer

This is a wonderful way to manage your social media if you are someone looking forward to managing your social media marketing. With Buffer it becomes easy to analyze the performance, schedule posts, and manage accounts in one place. Every social media task can be taken care of by one simple dashboard. A user can add posts to the buffer queues, schedule them and also build one’s following.

14. Atom SEO Tool for 404 

404 error broken link checker Free SEO tool

The tool lets you check your website for broken links more professionally. When you do this, you experience less bounce rate while improving your search engine visibility. No matter the count of web pages and dead links, each of them will be reported in seconds. With this tool, you get abstain from losing your web traffic. No doubt, every second business website has got one dead link. This is an issue which affects the small as well as large entrepreneurs. However, with this Atomseo tool, the broken links are treated and a business does not face any danger of losing traffic on the portal.

Putting a list of free SEO tools altogether can be a really daunting task. There are thousands out there to grab the ones we have listed here. So, use this wonderful SEO analyzing tool without any delay and see the exclusive results coming out.

So, which tools is your favorite? I would love listening to you on this. Feel free to share your comments below in the comment section.


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